Project Team

Helen E. Dahlke
Helen E. Dahlke – Associate Professor in Integrated Hydrologic Sciences, UC Davis
Principal Investigator
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Clare Gupta
Clare Gupta – Assistant Public Policy Specialist in Cooperative Extension
co-Principal Investigator
Jon Herman
Jon Herman –  Assistant Professor in Water Resources Systems Engineering, UC Davis
co-Principal Investigator
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Ryan Jensen
Ryan Jensen – Community Water Solutions Coordinator, Community Water Center
co-Principal Investigator
Rebecca Teasley
Rebecca Teasley – Associate Professor in Water Resources Engineering, University of Minnesota, Duluth
co-Principal Investigator
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Anne Visser
Anne Visser – Associate Professor in Community & Regional Development, UC Davis
co-Principal Investigator

Current Postdocs and Students

Zee Husain
Zee Husain – MSc student in the International Agricultural Development Graduate Group, UC Davis
Zhu Liu
Zhu Liu – Postdoctoral Research Associate, Dahlke Lab, UC Davis
Liam Lynch
Liam Lynch – PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering Graduate Group, UC Davis
Nisha Marwaha
Nisha Marwaha -MSc student in the Biological Systems Engineering Graduate Group, UC Davis
Nusrat Molla
Nusrat Molla – PhD student in the Hydrologic Sciences Graduate Group, UC Davis
Cristina Murillo-Barrick
Cristina Murillo-Barrick -MSc student in the Community Development Graduate Group, UC Davis